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胡忠雄来汨罗市调研指导屈子文化园建设 岳阳市委书记胡忠雄(左三)现场指导屈子文化园建设 红网...



1. 元宵节: Lantern Festival

2. 刺绣:embroidery

3. 重阳节:Double-Ninth Festival

4. 清明节:Tomb sweeping day

5. 剪纸:Paper Cutting

6. 书法:Calligraphy

7. 对联:(Spring Festival) Couplets

8. 象形文字:Pictograms/Pictographic Characters

9. 人才流动:Brain Drain/Brain Flow

10. 四合院:Siheyuan/Quadrangle

11. 战国:Warring States

12. 风水:Fengshui/Geomantic Omen

13. 铁饭碗:Iron Bowl

14. 函授部:The Correspondence Department

15. 集体舞:Group Dance

16. 黄土高原:Loess Plateau

17. 红白喜事:Weddings and Funerals

18. 中秋节:Mid-Autumn Day

19. 结婚证:Marriage Certificate

20. 儒家文化:Confucian Culture

21. 附属学校:Affiliated school

22. 古装片:Costume Drama

23. 武打片:Chinese Swordplay Movie

24. 元宵:Tangyuan/Sweet Rice Dumpling

25. 一国两制:One Country, Two Systems

26. 火锅:Hot Pot

27. 四人帮:Gang of Four

28. 《诗经》:The Book of Songs

29. 素质教育:Essential-qualities-oriented Education

30. 《史记》:Historical Records/Records of the Grand Historian

31. 大跃进:Great Leap Forward (Movement)

32. 《西游记》:The Journey to the West

33. 除夕:Chinese New Year’s Eve/Eve of the Spring Festival

34. 针灸:Acupuncture

35. 唐三彩:Tri-color Pottery of the Tang Dynasty/ The Tang Tri-colored pottery

36. 中国特色的社会主义:Chinese-charactered Socialist/Socialist with Chinese characteristics

37. 偏旁:radical

38. 孟子:Mencius

39. 亭/阁: Pavilion/ Attic

40. 大中型国有企业:Large and Medium-sized State-owned Enterprises

41. 火药:gunpowder

42. 农历:Lunar Calendar

43. 印/玺:Seal/Stamp

44. 物质精神文明建设:The Construction of Material Civilization and Spiritual Civilization

45. 京剧:Beijing Opera/Peking Opera

46. 秦腔:Crying of Qin People/Qin Opera

47. 太极拳:Tai Chi

48. 独生子女证:The Certificate of One-child

49. 天坛:Altar of Heaven in Beijing

50. 小吃摊:Snack Bar/Snack Stand

51. 红双喜:Double Happiness

52. 政治辅导员:Political Counselor/School Counselor

53. 春卷:Spring Roll(s)

54. 莲藕:Lotus Root

55. 追星族:Star Struck

56. 故宫博物院:The Palace Museum

57. 相声:Cross-talk/Comic Dialogue

58. 下岗:Lay off/Laid off

59. 北京烤鸭:Beijing Roast Duck

60. 高等自学考试:Self-taught Examination of Higher Education

61. 烟花爆竹:fireworks and firecracker

62. 敦煌莫高窟:Mogao Caves

63. 电视小品:TV Sketch/TV Skit

64. 香港澳门同胞:Compatriots from Hong Kong and Macao

65. 文化大革命:Cultural Revolution

66. 长江中下游地区:The Mid-low Reaches of Yangtze River

67. 门当户对:Perfect Match/Exact Match

68. 《水浒》:Water Margin/Outlaws of the Marsh

69. 中外合资企业:Joint Ventures

70. 文房四宝(笔墨纸砚):"The Four Treasure of the Study" "Brush, Inkstick, Paper, and Inkstone"


八卦 trigram

阴、阳 yin, yang

道 Dao(cf. logo)

江湖(世界) the jianghu World (the traits’ world)

e.g. You can’t control everything in a traits’ world. (人在江湖,身不由己)

道 Daoism(Taoism)

上火 excessive internal heat

儒学 Confucianism

红学(《红楼梦》研究) redology

世外桃源 Shangri-la or Arcadia

开放 kaifang (Chinese openness to the outside world)

大锅饭 getting an equal share regardless of the work done

伤痕文学 scar literature or the literature of the wounded

不搞一刀切 no imposing uniformity on …

合乎国情,顺乎民意 to conform with the national conditions and the will of the people

乱摊派,乱收费 imposition of arbitrary quotas and service charge

铁交椅 iron (lifetime) post’s; guaranteed leading post

脱贫 to shake off poverty; anti-poverty

治则兴,乱则衰 Order leads to prosperity and chaos to decline


(Chinese Festivial)

国庆节 National Day

中秋节 Mia-Autumn Festival

春节 Spring Festival

元宵节 Lantern Festival

儿童节 Children’s Day

端午节 Dragon Boat Festival

妇女节 Women’s Day

泼水节 Water-Splashing Day

五四青年节 Youth Day

中国独特的传统饮食(Unique Traditional Chinese Foods)

馄饨 wonton

花卷 steamed twisted rolls

套餐 set meal

盒饭 box lunch; Chinese take-away

米豆腐 rice tofu

魔芋豆腐 konjak tofu

米粉 rice noodles

冰糖葫芦 a stick of sugar-coated haws (or apples,etc.)

粉丝 glass noodles

豆腐脑 jellied bean curd


(Newly Sprouted Things)

中国电信 China Telecom

中国移动 China Mobile

十五计划 the 10th Five-Year Plan

中国电脑联网 Chinanet

三峡工程 the Three Gorges Project

希望工程 Project Hope

京九铁路 Beijing CKowloon Railway

扶贫工程 Anti-Poverty Project

菜篮子工程 Vegetable Basket Project

温饱工程 Decent-Life Project

安居工程 Economy Housing Project

扫黄 Porn-Purging Campaign

西部大开发 Go-West Campaign


禅宗 Zen Buddhism

禅 dhyana; dhgaya

混沌 chaos

道 Daosim, the way and its power

四谛 Four Noble Truth

八正道 Eightfold Path

无常 anity

五行说 Theory of Five Elements

无我 anatman

坐禅 metta or transcendental meditation

空 sunyata

虚无 nothingness

双喜 double happiness(中),a doubled stroke of luck(英)

小品 witty skits

相声 cross-talk

噱头;掉包袱 gimmick, stunt

夜猫子 night people; night-owls

本命年 this animal year of sb.

处世之道 philosophy of life

姻缘 yinyuan(prefixed fate of marriage)

还愿 redeem a wish (vows)


大陆中国 Mainland China

红色中国 socialist China

四化 Four Modernizations

终生职业 job-for-life

铁饭碗 iron rice bowl

大锅饭 communal pot

关系户 closely-related units

外出打工人员 migrant workers

关系网 personal nets, closely-knitted guild

五讲(讲文明、讲礼貌、讲卫生、讲秩序、讲道德):the Five Merits focus on decorum, manners, hygiene, disciplines and morals

四美(心灵美、语言美、行为美、环境美): the Four Virtues are golden heart, refined language, civilized behavior, and green environment


宣纸 rice paper

衙门 yamen

叩头 kowtow


武术 wushu(Chinese Martial Arts)

功夫 kungfu ;kung fu

中庸 the way of medium (cf. Golden Means)

中和 harmony (zhonghe)

孝顺 to show filial obedience

孝子 dutiful son

家长 family head

三纲:君为臣纲,父为子纲,夫为妻纲 three cardinal guides: ruler guides subject, father guides son husband guides wife

五常:仁、义、理、智、信 five constant virtues: benevolence (humanity), righteousness, propriety, wisdom and fidelity

八股文 eight-legged essays

多子多福:The more sons/children, the more blessing/ great happiness

养儿防老:raising sons to support one in one’s old age


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